Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Hunyo's Movie Ravings - Resident Evil 7: Final Chapter"

"Hunyo's Movie Ravings - Resident Evil 7: Final Chapter"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

The Plot: 

What plot? After the disaster that was the Washington Stand off Alice finds herself confronted with a truth. She must go back to the Hive where this whole T-virus mess started in order to release a cure that is airborne. Oh and there is also that one little thing , umbrella is wiping out the last human survivors on the planet and she needs to save them from extinction.

The Good:

1)The nostalgic feel of seeing a cratered out Racoon city!

2) The dogs are back and deadly as ever!

3)The Zombies dropping like flies from miles around as cure to the T-Virus is released. Would Alice survive it as she is also infected with the T-Virus? 

The Bad:

1) The lights! where are they?

I know this is a horror flick but this is also an action flick so I would still like to see where zombies are coming from or the fight scenes for that matter. They might as well have been  shying away from any detailed Walking Dead like zombie kill but I feel that this took away from any satisfying zombie kill that this movie would have offered.

2) Unengaging fight scenes

Fighting is supposed to make you root for one character. So what happens when you are not exactly feeling the struggle? or the way that a character is hurt? A good movies makes you want to say get up or take that. Don't expect that here. The opponents are overpowered but end up dead anyway by way of carelessness or silly things like Wesker being Fired and killed by an elevator.

3) Umbrella tech in a post apocalyptic world

Assuming that umbrella has cornered all the tech. It follows that the tanks they are all driving need technicians to upgrade and operate it or maintain it. With most of the Umbrella members in suspended animation I don't see how you could have a fully functioning tank on your hands.

4) Clones and more clones

Yeah. The holy Clone trinity is revealed and the main guy also has clones , mad clones. 

5) The amount of knockout's Alice sustains and she still alive!

The Ugly:

The fact that this might not be the end of this franchise as hinted by Alice in her motorcycle ride around town.


All in all this is not the ending that I would have hoped for in the franchise. The plot seems to have been hurried way too much and context for actions is only provided with a sentence or two. Like the disaster at Washington , how it was an Umbrella trap all along or how Claire Redfield ended up on the Human resistance towers in the first place. 

The plot has more holes than cheese but at least I got to watch this in a VIP theater with comfortable lazy boy recliners , drinks and foods. The movie might not have been the best but my surroundings were great.

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