Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hunyo's Movie Ravings - Arrival

Hunyo' s Movie Ravings - Arrival
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

The Plot:

Aliens arrive on key cities all around earth and humans are in a race to see who can understand their purpose. One of them is Amy Adams character who painstakingly learn what these aliens came here for and in the process learn something that would change her life forever.

The Good:
The nerdwriter in youtube actually touted this movie as a response to bad movies and I must agree with him. There is a specific twist here that I liked but will not reveal here because it is up to you to find it out.

It also speaks of language and how language and speech can carry meaning and context. I love how they portrayed language as the main element of this movie.

The Bad:

The army guys who tried to blow up the aliens and the fear mongering humans who show just how frightened monkeys our kind is of the things that we do not understand.

The Ugly:

I'd like to say the Septapods but I do like their appearance here , it does remind me of that monster in Minas Morgul in The Lord of the Rings though. Initially fear would creep in because they look so different but when understanding comes that fear eventually melts away.

5 of 5. The story telling is superb and has enough elements to  make you want to learn more about what is going on in the movie. Engaging until the end and it has though , "Damn" moments when the plot is unravelling to show you what it has underneath.

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