Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Hunyos Movie Ravings - Passengers"

"Hunyos Movie Ravings - Passengers"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr, MD

The Plot: 

Avalon is a colony ship transporting 5000 passengers to the planet Homestead II when a malfunction occurs accidentally waking Mechanical Engineer Jim Preston(Chris Pratt). The problem is that he is woken 90 years too early.

The Good:

1) The Sex scenes!

Hoooboy. Once Jim and Aurora start understanding each other they don't just do it in the bedroom. A ship where you are the only two people? They even do it in the mess hall! Messily at that with wasted cereals that the cleaning robots had to clean after wards. Most likely it wasn't just milk in that mix. Hmmmm

2) The comical attempts at opening the crew hibernation pods

From blow torches to an array of very sharp objects Jim attempts to open the hatch with zero success.

3) The effects of Zero G gravity.

One of the highlights of the malfunctioning ship is when the artificial gravity is shut off. Jim Preston only suffers a fall while Aurora who unfortunately went for a swim that particular time had to contend with swimming in a bubble and almost dying in the process. Yup. Zero G. Beautiful and deadly.

The Bad:

For a high tech ship with all the bells and whistles and humanoid bartender who could talk this ship didn't just tell Jim Preston why he was woken up for in the first place. Instead he has to suffer being alone for a year and then drag Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). It took them 2 years to figure out was what wrong!

The Ugly:

Robots dying and they die here one by one because of the overloaded ship. Arthur the bartender cutting his head on the bar as the ship wide system failure continues.


I would have to say that  for a movie with Jennifer Lawrence in it this was just an ok movie. And it might have been a less ok without her in it.

Of course in the end she chose love and eventual death probably because she had found where she wanted to be. For a lot of the passengers on the Avalon , the goal is to reach Homestead II but there are times in life that you don't reach a particular goal because you found something else worthwhile to occupy your time. In Aurora's case a lifetime with Jim and all the finite possibilities that it offered.

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