Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hunyos Movie Ravings - A Monster Calls

Hunyos Movie Ravings - A Monster Calls
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

The Plot:

It centers around a boy who has to deal with the reality of his mom's terminal cancer. At night he is visited by a monster who tells him stories.

The Good:

1)The First Three Tales

The Monster , an ageless Tree folk who has been witness to the towns long history tells three tales and at the end demands a 4th tale from the book. Enjoy each of the stories.

My favorite is the one that goes. "There was once an invisible man..." Watch.

2) The Fourth Tale/ Truth 

I don't want to reveal the secret here but this 4th tale is the most heartbreaking of all. A secret so deep that the boy may might as well die from uttering it.

3) His Mom's Art book in the end.
The boys mom is an artist and at the end of the movie watch as  he realizes how the monster may not have just called on him.

The Bad:

1) The Dad - Of all the dads in the world this one takes the cake and just once could have taken a really great step to being closer with his son , only he didn't. I have a deep sorror for fathers who are not able to connect to their children either because they are away or refuse to connect to their children.

The Ugly:

1)The Smashing of the Figurines. Well it was kind of fun actually but that look on Sigourney Weavers face when she discovers that her figurines and her antique clock has been destroyed is just one of anguish and silent rage. 

2) What would be the point? Is the question that answers this question. Aren't you going to punish me?

And it is ugly because it is the truth. Knowing that your mother is dying is punishment enough isn't it?

Hunyo Rating:

5 0f 5. A Monster Calls is an emotional roller coaster and it is a movie that has helped me with some questions about a loss that I have suffered as well. Given that the young boy in me has not learned how to fully cope with that loss as well. 

The monster tries and helps as he could and heals those that should be healed. It made me wish I had such a monster.

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