Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Day6 - You were beautiful MV reaction:Got me thinking"

"Day6 - You were beautiful MV reaction:Got me thinking"
The Vole

Day6 has come back with a video that seems to continue the story of Congratulations. It took them 2 years to comeback to this particular story line but for someone like me who recently just got to know this JYP produced band I consider myself lucky that I did not have to wait all that long.

This MV answers what you think your ex-girlfriend does when she is alone and it is not the kinky thing that you initially thought. As seen here the MV starts with the girl from the Congratulations MV as she is about to burn the midnight oil and go over time as the clock beside her displays a couple of minutes before midnight.

She then opens a folder in her email inbox that seems to be well hidden as it has not title. And the first video unfolds , one of her in the snow , in a parka as she is being videoed who we all would assume was her ex-boyfriend in the Congratulations MV.

The whole MV moves on as she goes through each memory that they have spend together as a couple. While many fans believe that the girl is having regrets in this MV it is the opposite. The girl believes that things cannot be the same between them and that "It is already over". What the band heartfully sings is that the girl just got to thinking about the past in one of her stressful days and got to appreciate how beautiful his ex was during all that time. "Lines like Even if it was nothing you apologized and thanked me." "You always thought of me first." , show this but that is just it. Even the girl knows that this beautiful thing is in the past.

Day6 has gotten better and better over time and this latest single from them shows maturity in their musicality and stability as well as they all sang beautifully with what appears like a simple ballad about the past. The arrangement is something that drives forward and makes their voices more pleasant as you sing along to the heartful rendition. 

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