Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Basta Kapal Kilay...

"Basta Kapal Kilay..."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

A while back my cousin Aljem was raving about a guy in Pinoy Big Brother that she found very handsome which made her exclaim in her facebook status that...Basta Kapal Kilay Guwapo.

Of course I had a little different view on the matter and here are three prime examples why Kapal kilay does not neccesary mean guwapo.

1) Bert


Who can say if Bert is the epitome of manhood? He is funny yes but not what my cousin probably had in mind. Bottle cap collection anyone?

2) Master Musashi from the Yaiba series.

Yup  this guy had a really thick set of eyebrows and in one episode where he was turned to stone Yaiba accidentally broke one of them off. He might be a master but I guess he wasn't what my cousin had in mind too.

3) Rock Lee

While in the future Lee seems to have settled down. We all know where his heart belongs...Master Gai...I mean Taijutsu, His heart lies in learning all he can at the feet of his master.

My cousin was laughing as I bombarded her with these guys. Ah kapal kilays.

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