Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"50 things about me"

"50 things about me"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

1) I am a founding member of Sakbat(Samahang Kabataan Para sa Agham at Teatro)
2) I used to run a Basketball League right in front of our own house.
3) I love rearranging and organizing my files.
4) Terry Pratchett is my Scifi/Medieval Hero
5) I read the Song of Ice and Fire books after watching the whole Season One of GOT.
6) I love Jpop.
7) Urutsokidoji was probably the first anime I have ever watched. Tentacles.
8) I used to think that I could dance. I danced Ballet.
9) My only bone fracture is my Tibula on my right leg after landing wrong.
10) During Medical school I was the guy who could get the liqour in and out.(The Moves)
11) In College I was the designated alcoholic beverage buyer because I had a very mature face.
12) I always get a White Toblerone from my Uncle Ronald after I told him that White Chocolate is the only good Chocolate for asthmatics
13) I love KPOP (Females only)
14) Chicken Breasts. My favorite.
15) More Trekkie than Star Wars fan
16) Alonzo Mourning fan. Even had an autographic(Signed Card) which I bought in Divisoria and card that only 119 others have.
17) Has Been Up North but Never Down South. Cebu being the southernmost that I have been to.
18) Was stuck in Baguio during a YMCA conference due to Gringo Honasans first Coup De etat
19) Often found to have the most food in any camping or outdoor activity.(Thanks Mom!)
20) Has a weakness for Black silk stockings.
21) Has a weakness for Brunette , Petite , Chinitas. (with braces)...Married One.
22) Had a hard type accepting that I actually need to wear glasses.
23) Has a Problem saying good bye.
24) Head banged so hard my glasses flew and I had the reflexes to catch it.
25) Urbandub and Franco are my favorite Pinoy Bands
26) Francis M will always be the king of Brown Man Rap
27) Data Freak. Downloads.
28) Reads people in the background more than the actual speaker.
29) Really close with my Mom.
30) "Under de saya"...Dont mind the term. Its only a term.
31) Was not afraid to be uncool or unpopular.
32) Finds peace while walking alone.
33) Writes better at night
34) Noodle expert
35) I am a Dragon. I hoard.
36) Magic Player / Blogger / Mentor
37) Dad to an aspiring Writer
38) Played bass in a Band during College
39) Used to have several Ragnarok accounts
40) Loves songs with stories or descriptive qualities rather than songs plainly about love.Like Cath by Deathcab for Cutie or Rivermaya's Ambulansya 
41) Moved by a song regardless of language
42) Will pick Samurai over Knight.
43) Beat out the best chess player in school during 3rd year. An unexpected upset.
44) Languages. History. Sciences. Math. Love for subjects in that order
45) Closer to teachers than fellow students.
46) Grew up with more women.
47) Snores
48) Considers Ultimate Noodles from North Park as the Ultimate Noodles. Period
49) Has no problem speaking in public
50) Had doubts that I could ever drive a car.

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