Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Wishing Upon A star or Dragon?"

"Wishing Upon A star or Dragon?"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

Jinyo looked at the shooting star that appeared and tried to follow it's path with her finger. It had already faded before she made her wish and she sighed deeply hoping that what she wanted would come true.

V noticed and tried to cheer her up. The view on the Dragon Towers balcony was beautiful but all that seemed to blend in the background as he looked at her  , nibbling her lips while lost in thought.

"You know , you would have a greater chance of your wish getting granted if you wished upon a dragon instead of a star." V said smiling.

"Really? Even if the dragon I know is temperamental , highly unreliable and is not in total control of his blood lust at times?" This was Jinyo's way of goading him but he was not in the mood to bite at her jabs tonight because she looked a bit lost.

"A dragon is a dragon and that particular one that you speak of is in a good mood today thanks to a meal he ate earlier."

Jinyo smiled and knew that she had to tell him now but she hesitated knowing that even if V had considerable power her wish would not be in his province to grant or even if he would grant it.

V assumed a benevolent pose with arms stretched to the sides and  his palms to the sky . V closed his eyes and tilted his head upwards and spoke, " I am the dragon V. Speak mortal and let me grant thy wish."

Jinyo looked at the serious thing V was doing and stopped herself from laughing."How can I make my wish when you are so serious?"

"It's not me. It's the ceremony."

"Can you be less serious?"

"I would say wishes are a very serious matter don't you think?" V said without breaking his pose. "So tell me what it is you wish and I will grant it."

"I wish that you would be with me forever."

V looked at Jinyo. Jinyo bit her lower lip in anticipation of the dragons answer but he merely stood with a blank expression on his face and without even a glance at her walked back into the dragon towers.

"So I missed my chance with the star and now the dragon has left me wanting."

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