Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Saheeli+Felidar Guardian:Death of a Thousand scratches"

"Saheeli+Felidar Guardian:Death of a thousand scratches"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

"Have you ever died to Saheeli's pussies?" is probably one of the most loaded questions in Magic:The Gathering. Not only does it conjure up images of hell maws opening and devouring you  it also sends you into what can only be described as some prepubescent giggling.So get that out of the way and let us talk about the combo that is being heralded as the return of Splinter Twin in Standard. The Saheeli- Felidar Guardian combo or simply put Death of a Thousand Scratches.

I have not seen one die to it yet but I picture that Saheeli would arrive on the battlefield on turn three and if all is well the 4 mana costing Felidar guardian will follow on the succeeding turn. Of course many will be anticipating this combo and there are a number of ways to disrupt it. A player could simply destroy or counter any of the pieces or even Disallow the triggered ability of this Blue-Red planeswalker and that would be the end of it for now.Until the controlling player draws another cat that is and the combo is set in motion once again. 

So I picture that the combo takes a lot of good timing to pull off because most of the time you are playing against people who are aware of this particular scenario where they die to a thousand cat scratches if they are not careful. A fate some do not want to suffer. 

I have not died to this particular combo yet and I wonder what they will call you when you die to it. I have no words , only that it is going to be painful.

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