Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Midweek Magic 2017 #5 - Sultai Superfriends:Inspired by plastic."

"Midweek Magic 2017 #5 - Sultai Superfriends:Inspired by plastic."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

As field testings go I just want to say that the Sultai superfriends deck was a success. Not in the planet killing way that first tests go but we all know that the Death star came from scouring planet surfaces into eventually wiping out entire planets with a single shot.

I am not saying that my Sultai superfriends decks is going to do that but it is finally great to have a deck that can properly respond to threats and get a little bit of control going on that may or may not result in a win. Winning is something but I do enjoy getting there. Enjoying the time bantering with my friends and seeing improvement upon improvement over time take into effect.

This tri-colored deck is the result of 3 hours of rummaging through boxes of cards , those in the dresser that miraculously still holds them , in fatpacks that hold EDH decks and pauper decks that have fallen into disuse , up to the deck boxes that have been exposed to heat and cold in my card. 3 hours of reacquiring lands and planeswalkers and spells that have been unused since they were bought.(smacked or unsmacked).

"Resorts world Manila...."

So what brought this deck into reality? was it the need to find a home for Vraska and Garruk , Apex predator? Was it the need to use cards like Bitter Blossom or Rashmi reality crafter? Was it some whisperings from Dragonlord Silumgar who is also in the deck? The straight answer is Yes and No. Yes because they eventually became the reason. The real reason however is the plastic covers that I once bought for 35 pesos for 100pieces. 

These Ultrapro card sleeves started me on the path because now I can maniacally craft decks again without having to worry if I have enough sleeves for all my experiments. So thank you NG for having them in stock again. Now on to more Sultai super friends field testing.

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