Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Kasper - Lean on me: A simple enough request."

"Kasper - Lean on me: A simple enough request."
The Vole

Kasper is not your friendly ghost but Lean on me might just  show you  that she is your friendly Korean girl rapper who wants you to accompany her so that she can help you with your troubles.

After having garnering the reputation of the country with the most suicide attempts(overtaking Japan). It is not any wonder why songs like this are popular and kpop artists tend to sing very positive songs that offer a helping hand , a shoulder to cry or simply someone to lean on when the going gets tough.

Kasper both sings and raps in this song that was shot mostly in a cafe booth that shows her waiting for someone as she pours herself a drink or fiddling with her phone that doesn't seem to ring no matter how long she waits for it to. 

You would especially enjoy the breathless transition from rapping and singing and vice versa as Kasper showcases her talents via DSP Media. The distorted bass beat near the end of the song is also particularly interesting.

"Lean on me , call on my cellphone."
"Drinks are free."
"We were meant together , Don't go home."

In a world where the pressure to perform and overtake your rivals is growing you do need people to lean on and I wonder why the idiot who Kasper wants to support is not calling? I mean who turns down free drinks at least right? Or Kasper's company for that matter.

Here is to seeing more of Kasper as the year unfolds. 

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