Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Pauper Kings: Vehicular Mishap 2017"

"Pauper Kings: Vehicular Mishap 2017"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

A new year. A new set. Some nice additions to the pauper standard pool. I have been itching to make a Vehicle deck for some time now and thanks to Aether Revolt it seems that there are more options to choose from.Irontread Crusher and Mobile Garrison are the new common vehicles from Aether Revolt. Rounding out the vehicles are 2/3 flyer Sky Skiff and my personal favorite since the Kaladesh PR , the train to Busan , I mean Renegade Freighter.

So on to the deck. Since the deck curves out at 3 mana I just chose to put in 20 lands , The Evolving wilds in the deck would turn out to be copies of Mountains here since most of the time you will draw Swamps.

4 x Evolving Wilds
6 x Mountains
10 x Swamps
20 Lands

4 x Eager Construct
4 x Dhund Operative 
4 x Night Market lookout  
4 x Reckless Fireweaver 
16 Creatures

4 x Resourceful Return
4 x Shock 
4 x Wrangle
2 x Welding Sparks
12 Spells

3 x Sky Skiff
3 x Renegade Freighter
2 x Mobile Garrison
2 x Irontread Crusher
10 Vehicles

One of the creatures in the deck is Eager Construct , another limited favorite of mine. A 2/2 for 2 mana and a Scry 1 to boot.What is not to like? Plus this little doggie can crew 8 of the possible 10 vehicles as well.

After looking at the card pool I just wanted to have creatures that care about artifacts , so in comes the Dhund Operative that becomes 3/2 when you have an artifact in play and it can 
crew the Irontread Crusher with ease or smash face if need be.

Night Market lookout is a really a good attacker on the early turns as it is equivalent to 2 points of damage when it attacks.You also gain 1 life which could make all the difference in close matches. I also liked the fact that when you simply tap it just makes all opponents lose 1 life and you gain 1 life. So imagine if you let it crew your Sky Skiff. 

And it works well with another new Vehicle ,  the Mobile Garrison that lets you untap another creature or vehicle when it attacks. So imagine crewing it with 3 Night Market lookouts. 3 damage and you could untap one of these crew and ping more.  Ping away. 

Reckless Fireweaver is a good defender with a  1/3 frame but he is here because he just loves it when artifacts enter the battlefield. The deck has 14 artifacts in it to trigger him so yeah. The 1 damage when a vehicle comes in is already a plus. The vehicles aren't attacking yet but they are causing your opponents to burn.

Like most of the decks I do this has a Sligh element to it. The shockingly reprinted Shock is here for when you need to take out a creature or just need to zap someone dead. Welding Sparks acts the same way and can take out even big creatures depending on the artifacts you have in play. 

So what is the best way to take out a defender? By asking them to switch sides of course.Wrangle is probably one of the things that got me excited here since it can grab a 4 power creature or less and you could attack your opponent with it. With the amount of power you have with your vehicles you are all set. 

Sometimes though not all things go as planned and that is why I have the Resourceful Return so that you can have a creature to Crew or attack or defend later. You even get an extra card if you have an artifact in play. Fantastic.

So there we go. Make sure that the Vehicular Mishaps happen to your opponent ok? Thanks for reading.Time to test drive this one. 

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