Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Hidden Herbalists:Revolt Chains"

"Hidden Herbalists:Revolt Chains"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

When I saw this card the first thing that came to me was some guy , in some basement rolling something and then smoking it. And then a famous rapper calls to inform him that he will be getting his stash today.

Yup. So much for that. I wonder if they have famous rappers in Kaladesh or if they will join the revolt but these guys. These herbalists are something else. For 1 colorless and 1 green mana you can potentially chain 5 creatures and have at least 5 2/2 creatures into play on one turn!

So on turn two play a fetch land or crack one that is already in play. This would mean that you can play the Hidden Herbalist , satisfy the Revolt requirement and get 2 green mana which you could use to cast another Hidden Herbalist. If you have 4 in your hand and let us say another 2 mana creature like Eldrazi Mimic then you potentially have creatures with a total of 10 damage on turn two. Dealing this damage on the next turn! 

Potentially if you are able to chain this way you could also Crew a Consul Dreadnought on turn 2! How wonderful.

Now imagine that in Modern you could also chain this with the Burning Tree Emissary!And this would be insane amounts of damage on very early turns. 

Yup.Aether revolt sure has some of the best uncommons to come out since the original Mirrodin block. Time to get a set or two of these guys. And soon I would be Revolt Chaining. Thanks for reading!

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