Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Mechanized Production:Thopter/Servo/Clue Stone victory"

"Mechanized Production:Thopter/Servo/Clue Stone victory"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

What if I told you that you could win by merely using Thopters or Servos? You don't even need to attack with them. You just have to sit back.Cast them on the early turns. And then wait for this card to come into your hand. The magic number is 8. If you have artifacts named Servos or Thopters then you win the game.That is according to Mechanized Production. That is it.An easy alternate win. I wanted to end on this note but there are still many uses for Mechanized Production.And my Phrexyian heart/hearts are palpitating with anticipation.

Remember all those times when you made clue stones and your opponent keeps on saying "Get a clue." Well now may not be a good time to joke about them since if you have 8 of those lying around and you happen to have Mechanized Production well. End of story. Clue stones for the win!

In standard we could see a whole slew of already easy to cast Metalwork Colossus popping out every upkeep or just the gearhulks. With the exception of the Cataclysmic gearhulk all of the others would be a fine target for Mechanized Production.Of course you could also use it on a Sundering Titan(preferably a Masterpiece one for swag) in an EDH game and just destroy lands so that opponents could not respond. 

And since this is not a legendary permanent you could enchant a token you produced with a second copy of Mechanized Production and just wait for the robots to pop out , do their ETB effects and wait to have 8 copies of them on the battlefield...or you could pummel someone to death with them if you are that impatient. 

In EDH I see this enchanting a Blightsteel Colossus or a Precursor Golem. 1 11/11 Indestructible creature with Infect is scary , put two of them in play.Well.

And what about the Precursor Golem? You enchant one.On the next upkeep you have 4 Golems. You keep your mana open and see what your opponents do if you are blue. In the upkeep after that you have 6.You wait another turn and then have 8 Golem copies for the win. Sure beats attacking. You just have to survive somehow. And you will.

I hope I get one of these in my fat bundle. Time to dig up so old artifacts to enchant.

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