Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Maggie Smith:The Squealing 10 year old"

"Maggie Smith:The Squealing 10 year old"
Alessandria Venice R. De leon

Hello readers! This week's post is about Maggie Smith, the 82 year-old legend and exactly why I like her. I know, I know, why does a 10 year old like me like an elderly and stereotypically boring actress like her? I really don't know. I seem to have a fascination with the elderly. And the weird part is that I find them cute...

I guess I like them because they have much more experience and know how the world works so they give very good advice. Maggie Smith has a very wide variety of movies. Ranging from dramas like Quartet (2012), to fantasy movies like Harry Potter. I first saw her in a Harry Potter movie ( I can't pinpoint which one). After seeing her play the role of Prof. Mcgonagall, I liked her immediately for her sassiness. I'm inspired by tough and sassy elderly women and she was one of them. My parents still don't get why I like her so much. From then on, I was a devoted fan. I squealed every time I saw he face on screen! That's all for now. Thanks for reading!


Editors Note: Aven and her fascination with the elderly actors and actresses. Only time will tell why.

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