Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"CLC- Hobgoblin: Channeling 4minute"

"CLC- Hobgoblin: Channeling 4minute"
The Vole

CLC has been a girl group that has been around for several years now and despite the fact that they churn out good songs year after year they have yet to leave a mark that would set them apart from the highly competitive world of KPOP.

These girls have the vocal chops , the moves and the looks to compete but despite having several songs under their belt they have yet to come up with a concept that would separate them from the rest of the cutie sexy girls in their industry.

And so when they came out with hobgoblin they took a new concept and niche that was recently vacated by company mates 4 minute. The tough girl group image with addicting back beats and spitting hypnotic rhymes that is good for dancing or just probably expressing yourself when you are angry.

CLC has discarded their cute and bright image into those of lady thugs. While most retain their somewhat bright look the greatest change can be seen in sweet , innocent Sorn who someone decided should look goth and somewhat menacing. A far cry from her usually girly charms. Everyone has to grow up sometime and the sexy outfits that CLC is wearing now reflects that.

If you hear CLC now don't be surprised if they sound like they recruited Hyuna in the fold . Their label mate probably wrote some of the song to help them promote their stuff out there and I maybe late in saying this but the world does need another 4 minute. Everything is going next gen version of some past artist so why not 4 minute right?

I want to see the direction where CLC is going this year with this tougher image that they are presenting.

And please someone get that make up off Sorn. She can look tough without having to look like an Apocalypse groupie.

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