Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Exquisite Archangel:A fresh start."

"Exquisite Archangel:A fresh start."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

While watching a Frontier tournament in NG Eton Centris I looked on as Pong was about to overrun his opponent with what seemed like a Gazillion 4//4 tokens that were pumped up by multiple copies of Jeskai Ascendancy. This caused his opponent to exclaim in frustration: "Di pa ba puwedeng gamitin yung bagong Angel?"

I laughed knowing what particular angel he was talking about and he needed it right about that time as his lone Siege Rhino  stood on and if a card could be horrified , would have been horrified by the massive horde that was about to hit it and his planeswalker controller.

The Exquisite Archangel seems likes a really good option in resetting life totals and if you were about to die from a burn spell to the face I could see that a red mage player would turn red with frustration as you again have 20 life or 40 life in an EDH game. However if the token situation has taught me that you could survive this attack but if you do not draw or have mass removal spell already hand then your fresh start won't seem so fresh as the horde the threatened to kill you last turn is still around to kill you the next turn. So...So much for that.

I miss Platinum Angel with a Lightning Greaves already.

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