Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Birthday Packs 2017:Papack na!"

"Birthday Packs 2017:Papack na!" 
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

"Why Yes , I would love a pack on my birthday. Two of them? Even better."

Aether Revolt was still a couple of weeks coming and it was my birthday. 4th day of the month and I was already at work and because I could not wait for the next expansion I decided to buy myself two packs as I bought dinner in HP Eton Centris.

I was filled with anticipation as I ripped through my first pack of the year and as I got to the the rare I slowly lifted to reveal something 3/3 and my first thought was another Depala. I already had two copies of her so why not a 3rd right? But I was pleasantly surprised when I found that it was a 3/3 vehicles . the much sought after Smuggler's copter. Wow! my first ever pull and it ended up copter. Of course I was not able to predict that almost a week later Wizards of the coast would ban the card and send it's price plummeting. I am still thankful though that I was able to pull it in a pack on my first try of the year.

My second pack had an Inspiring Vantage in it which seemed to complete the notion that I should really play some Red/White vehicles and my Depala Tiny Leaders deck would welcome these two new cards if I cannot find a place for them. In the meantime I wait for the cards I would get from my Fat Bundle that my wife would pick for me this Friday. From my experience,  she does know how to pick a winner.


Editors Note:
And after 5 days Wizards of the coast announced that Smuggler's Copter was banned. Well at least for a couple of days I felt that high.

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