Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Bish - Monster MV Reaction: The Real thing."

"Bish - Monster MV Reaction: The Real thing."
The Vole

I enjoyed this song so much that I decided to look at the MV and well I would just really like to say that the creative team behind Bish and its elder sister Group Bis do love putting their idols into really uncomfortable situations. Like the idols were some playthings actually. There was a video where various liquid and semi-liquid looking things were being thrown at them , in one video the main vocalist of the group Cent Chihiro was asked to lick a billiard ball and in this MV for Monster the group was asked to endure explosions. Lots and lots of explosions. 

Once the explosions start they don't stop until the last frame of the MV. So if you see fear in the faces of the girls here those are probably genuine. It was as if the director told them that they should run from Point A to Point B and I imagine the girls nodding politely until the director said that the crew had rigged explosives to go off as you run from Point A to Point B and we didn't bother with safety gear to have the authentic look. The girls probably looked at each other and shrugged. All in the day of a Bish member.

You see the girls falling in that first explosion as it all took them unaware.In some scenes you can see them stopping when they notice that one of the color bombs are dropping in right front of them. Yup it seems like they got someone to Mortar some of these explosives in too.Don't get me wrong. I love their cute expressions of horror in this one but I am a bit concerned of what their creative team puts them through. It is not any wonder why the group has a had a lot of member changes in this year alone(2016). One of the girls in this video is called Hug Me and she has now been replaced with Ayuni D , making the group 6 again in total.

The concept of the MV seems to revolve around a secret training camp that abducts girls and trains them in violent arts. For what purpose? No one is sure. We might as well ask the army type American looking guy who is shouting at them in the video and beating them later in a scene that shows them trying to fight back but is severely lacking in fighting skills. Oh well that is the reason for the ultra secret training camp I suppose.

The wonderful ear worm of a track that combines hard pounding rock and idol vocals is probably going to  be one of your favorites and expect a lot more uncomfortable things from Bish  in 2017. 

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