Sunday, January 22, 2017

"MIXX - Love is sudden MV reaction - The Better Mixx"

"MIXX - Love is sudden MV reaction  - The Better Mixx"
The Vole

MIXX or  Motivation. Inspiration and the XX for the female chromesomes are back with their single "Love is Sudden". If like me you have watched the MV and seen too many members don't be alarmed. The group started out with 4 members , 3 Chinese and 1 Korean. The only Korean left for undisclosed reasons so Chiko Entertainment , the group that manages MIXX had to add 2 more Koreans in the MIXX(I knew I just had to use this one.) So in comes new members  Heeyu and Mia who would compliment hold overs HanNa , Arie and LiYah. 

If like me you liked their debut song Oh my Mind because of its addicting beats and the almost chanting rhyming that opens it then you would not be disappointed in Love is sudden since the song also opens with the circular rhytmic chant with Arie's melodic voice carrying on the first assault on your ears and if you are not hooked by the 2nd line you might want to give the song another listen.The girls wanted to show off an urban pop sound and they did not fail in that regard as the back beats carry their voices and cuteness. 

In one of their come back interviews MIXX said that they wanted to be like Apink and they also seem to pattern with the popular group when it comes to visuals with their cute berets in some of the scenes in the MV but their dances are obvious nods to SNSD's Gee.

The MV revolves around a dummy guy. A dummy probably because he does not have a clue that 5 cute girls are fawning over him and he gives no reaction when a reaction is long warranted.

New comer Mia is the new main vocal and I feel that her high note break is what completes MIXX in this comeback. Aside from the obvious upgrades in the visual departments MIXX has maintained the identity of their sound and I hope that fans will show them a lot of love this 2017.

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