Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Yaheeni's Expertise: Sweep and Treat."

"Yaheeni's Expertise: Sweep and Treat."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

"You make supsup their life force and like use that life force to cast something for free." , Is what Kris Aquino would say if she was ever pressed into explaining what Yaheeni's expertise does to a magic player. If she ever played magic.
Hopefully not.

So the holidays are here and here also be the spoilers. Yaheeni's expertise is a 4 to cast sorcery that is both a board sweeper and a treat since it does allow you to cast a card from your hand for as long that it cost 3 mana or less. For Free! Talk about the hurts. You not only probably wipe the board of weenies or fatties but you get to cast creatures or spells that benefit you in the process. 

Having been the victim of a mono red deck that featured Boggart Ram gang's and Keldon Marauders in one of my midweek games.(Salamat Noel sa paalala na kailangan ko talaga ng early board sweep).I am looking forward to adding this to my current Metalwork Colossus deck probably replacing Incendiary Sabotage as the main board sweeper since it doesn't even require an artifact sacrifice.Making me switch to Dimir colors instead of  Izzet one's. 

In my current Metalwork Colossus deck I can see this casting Glint-Nest Cranes , Prophetic Prisms , Foundry Inspectors , Metalspinner’s Puzzle knots  and Cultivator’s Caravans which is more than half of the cards in the deck. Talk about adding value to an already strong deck. I am sure the Metalwork Colossus in play won't even feel the -3/-3 when you take out all of your opponent's blockers.

So I would take 3 please. In Standard where decks take a lot more time to develop I would have a chance to pull off tricks but not so in my playgroup who seem to be getting faster and faster with Zombies , Rats and Goblins.

I do hope Yaheeni's Expertise would serve me well.I also hope that this card is for real.It might be too early but I want it to be true.(And as of this posting. It is true. Yey!)

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