Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Ravos, Soultender:All in the abs."

"Ravos, Soultender:All in the abs."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.MD

While it is no secret that chicks dig a guy with abs. They probably adore Ravos for the same reason and they keep coming back...even from the graveyard.

Now that I have that intro out of the way the 5 mana costing Orzhov colored Ravos may not look much in the way of stats at 2/2. 5 mana for 2 seems like an overpriced weenie but when you realize that Ravos, Soultender is basically a commander that makes all of your creatures stronger you won't really mind him posing like that on your side of the battlefield all day.

Oh and not to mention that at the beginning of your upkeep you net another card from your graveyard that can be considered as card advantage. Navigating through the fact that you could normally just draw one card. And you could even choose which to return. Who knows you might go with Karmic Guide which you can then cast to get a  White Titan and maybe get a land or any other permanent that costs 3 mana or less back too, a Liliana of the Veil perhaps? But hey don't take my word for it unless you actually are able to do it.

Ravos, Soultender also has flying so when you really need him to deal damage all you need to look out for are creatures with Flying or Reach. Don't spot any of those?That is an automatic -2 life for a player or a planeswalker. Ilista mo na as my friend once said.

Well, this is probably the 7th article I have written for today so I will end here. Thanks for your support and keep on reading.

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