Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Loco feat. Crush - Still: A Haunting , Lingering feeling"

"Loco feat. Crush - Still: A Haunting , Lingering feeling"
The Vole

I wasn't really planning on writing any reaction to this MV since Loco could just be seen rapping in different areas of an empty auditorium reminscing memories about his performances. About fans who were there in the beginning and have disappeared. About feelings that lingered like that of a hot summer day.About a smile that he still wished he could see.

There was a cut in the MV of Loco starting out and winning a show and a lady who since I have no other idea looked like his mom. This is actually a sad , personal song that conveys feelings of loss. 

If I have not seen the english subs this was oddly enough a song that you would find yourself swaying to because of its almost hypnotic beats. This also features a jangly guitar loop that stays as it's motive.

No over the top fast raps just a simple technique that holds you to listen to the very end. Crush might also be a factor in this and I do like how his voice lends a mellow tone to the entire song. And when the beats die down you are left with the guitar loops and that lingering feeling of earnest loss.

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