Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Treacherous Terrain: Land Punishment"

"Treacherous Terrain: Land Punishment"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

EDH games could last a long time.If you play with one or two Control or Police type players on the table then, EDH games last for a loooooong , looooong , loooong , looooong , loooong time. You see the point the right?

The worse part about long EDH games is that control players have to have all their schemes in full effect the longer the games go and normally aggro decks would have a hard time dealing damage or even winning the longer you have a control player on the battlefield.

You have probably thought about this as your creatures are wiped out after wave after wave of mass removal from players who do not like the idea of dying by being trampled on by dirty beast paws. And in this sea of creature less despair you probably turned inward and then began to look at things that 
were there and all you saw were lands.Lands and lots of it. And with a sigh you scoop up your Red/Green or Jund aggro deck because it was pointless to go in if you could not exploit all those lands your opponents control somehow.

And then there was this card.

Treacherous Terrain is one very dangerous card in the later stages of your EDH game especially if your opponents are running low on life points if you have managed to dent them a bit in the early turns. The 8 mana maybe daunting to look at if you draw this on your opening hand but I must commend Wizards of the coast for giving it a basic land cycling. Meaning that if you get this early you could just use it to fix your mana base first and when you are ready to use it again you play cards like Eternal Witness to put it back to your hand or give it Flashback so you could cast it from the graveyard itself.

So now people would be very wary if you smile and start looking hungrily at all those lands they have in play. To add to that effect start counting the lands loudly. Now watch and let it sink in for a moment. Watch everyone who plays control hesitate to tap out to play an Overloaded Cyclonic Rift.Enjoy. I know I will.

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