Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Jefferson Boral: When another Comedy Act is summoned to heaven."

"Jefferson Boral: When another Comedy Act is summoned to heaven."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

In this life I have often found that the funny one's always get taken first. Heaven must have need for comedians more than any kind of person. They are probably rolling in laughter up there but I guess they probably need a new act once in awhile. And so that is what I want to think of when I lost one of my friends , Jefferson Boral. 

Last year our mothers died almost a week a part and so I found myself attending his mom's wake after coming from my own mother's wake. I found a kindred spirit in Jeff who was also going through the same loss as I was at the time and even though we promised to bond more over a cup of coffee because of our own schedules we were not able to.

When we saw each other a few weeks back in the Mercury Drugstore near Happy Site I even recommended youtuber Mike Falzone to Jeff because the guy made really funny Batman impersonations that I am sure he would like. And again we promised that we would one day sit down and talk and just reminisce and laugh about our own predicaments in life. Sadly that was the last time that I was able to talk to him. And I am again made aware that life is really fleeting. You might be talking to someone now and then tomorrow they are gone.

Jeff was too young to be taken but who am I to question what life has in store for all of us. I just hope that where Jeff is now he is reunited with his mom . Laughing at a shared joke. No longer lonely. No longer alone. Maybe he isn't the punchlines in his own jokes anymore and he could make fun of angels and such.I would.

My friend. I will miss the shared laughter we had. The smart , witty jokes that you posted and that almost book that you published. There are still many things that could have been brought to a better end but this is it. For now.

I hope you are coming up with new jokes up there. The man upstairs needs a lot of laughter after seeing everything that is going on around here.

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  1. I love this... Jeff was the big brother i never had. And yeah.. Imagine him making fun of angels! Heaven is now a happier, funnier place. :)