Monday, December 19, 2016

"Solhun's Invitation"

"Solhun's Invitation"

"Someone feels all alone here in the Dragonvault.A little company would be good she said."

V lazily read the text and looked at the time stamp. It was sent 5 minutes ago. The big digital clock he kept on his night stand declared that it was already 2am. What in the world is Solhun doing in that bar at this ungodly hour.Normally he would rather sleep but this was Solhun and despite being so indirect at times she efficiently draws enough attention to herself.

He remembered her being asked by a host once if she thought of herself as beautiful in which she promptly replied in that indirect Solhun way. "I think the fans think I am beautiful and that is enough for me."

Funny how she could call and redirect attention just like that. He decided to call.

"Anyeoung!!! V where are you?" Solhun seemed to be shouting over the loud in house music of the dragon Vault.

"I'm home!!! I just woke up!!!" V found it absurd that he was shouting to be heard when as a matter of fact he knew that the woman on the other line could perfectly hear him.

"Sorry about that. Just another human habit that I can't shake off." he said to her. He heard the laughter on the other side of the line. 

"You and your seemingly human habits. Someone loves that about you.So are you joining us here?"

"We? I thought you said you were alone?"

"Well , I think what I said was that someone felt alone. A few of our members are here since we go on break tomorrow and tonight they can forget about diets. Me , I sometimes feel like a certain someone is ignoring me."

"I have no idea who you are talking about. I could probably go given the proper motivation."

"Really? When someone indirectly asks you to be around her and you need to have some other motivation?"

"Well..." V began chuckling.

"Someone swears to sit on you if you don't come here quickly."

"Is it that spoiled Earth Dragon threatening me again?"

"It's enough that you think that way. I don't think she is spoiled. She is just demanding the company."

"Let me get grab something to wear. I just cant show up in a pair of boxers there can I?"

"The Earth Dragon thinks that's fine."

"That I go in just my underwear?"

"Well , I think she might mean being decently dressed but you might end up in just those same underwear anyway. So she was thinking why bother?"

"That Earth Dragon feels so scandalous at times. She better be careful her human fans might not see her with a male and she might lose them."

"I am sure she doesn't care about that. She just wants you here."

"Far be it from me to disappoint."

"She approves.Now get going."


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