Monday, December 19, 2016


Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

It was another dawn. Sometimes he would pretend that things could be normal between him and her. He would pretend that she would still be there when he woke up , smiling at him and then urging him to buy something sinfully good for breakfast. She was always tired , always hungry , always longing for him. She told him once that if she had met him just a little sooner then she would not have signed that 7 year contract. That she would have been happy going back to school and probably seeing more of him. He loved the sentiment but he knew that she also loved what she was doing and even if he asked she would not break any contracts for him. For today he would pretend a little further.

He would pretend that he wasn't really missing her all that much. Not her smile ,not her eyes , not the quirky way her dimples would show up when she frowned. He would sit here and pretend that there was no longing welling up inside him to just run to where she was and just sit there to be around her. 

He would pretend that she was singing that song to him. Come Closer.Come Closer. He would let it echo until all he hears are those words. He would pretend that the world would fade and only those words would remain. 

He wondered when now of all days that he would feel this way. They have been seeing each other for months but this is the first time that he has felt such a gripping fear. He would pretend that it did not bother him at all. That he was content in just seeing her this way. This little secret that they kept from the world. That it did not bother him that the world would claim her as their beautiful idol but in here , with him she was the most human that she could be.

He wished that he did not need to pretend. He wished that she was here. And so she was.

"You waited for me long?" Yuua said she she entered the door with tonight's dinner.

"Nah. I was too busy playing pretend."

Yuua gave him a weird look."You really say the weirdest things."

"Yeah" He breathed a grateful sigh and helped her set up the food.

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