Monday, December 19, 2016

"Finding the Maidens"

"Finding the Maidens"

It was the 3rd time this week that he had been called in for this particular type of case. He didn't even need to look at the body of the young girl who seemed to be sleeping on the sidewalk. He knew that there would be a big gaping hole in the middle of her chest but there would be no blood or gore. Just a simple circular area where her heart should have been will be gone.

All over Seoul young women from the ages of 13 to 22 have been dropping like flies. Normally a passersby would find these girls appearing as if in a deep sleep. It bothered him that there seemed to be no violence involved in their deaths. Some of them even had satisfied looks. The kits did not show any sexual contact prior to their deaths but it was unsettling how they smiled with that void in the middle of their torsos. The coroner has nothing to report either. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the missing organs that didn't even look harvested by any blade that they tested. A dozen or so deaths in the last couple of days.

Detective Kim rubbed his tired eyes and sighed. Somebody must have seen these killings.It reminded him of a story a monk told him once. Maidens die and Dragons rise. A lot of maidens but no dragons though and he shrugged his shoulders at this silly notion. Korea had its share of serial killers but these cases were done through very sophisticated means. A laser that cuts through perhaps? but even that would leave certain burn marks.

"Detective. We were able to contact the girls parents. Who ever did this never bothered with her phone or her wallet or the expensive jewelry she had on her." This was his partner  , Woon. Detective Kim would have wanted to say that he was getting too old for this but he already knew that. He would prepare what to say to 12 pairs of parents. It never got easier as he felt like he personally failed the girls. There has to be a connection that he was not seeing at this time. 

"Double check the scene and call me later. I have to do some more research on this."

And by research he meant he wanted to just go away and think of what he was missing. He would go through the earlier files later but for now he had to talk to his old friend V who had experience with weird things like this.


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