Monday, December 19, 2016

"OH MY GIRL - Public Safety App MV reaction:Effective App , Creepy smiles."

"OH MY GIRL - Public Safety App MV reaction:Effective App , Creepy smiles."
The Vole

Oh my girl has been a very busy girl group for 2016. As if 3 consecutive comebacks with the ensuing promotion tours , A summer concert and various overseas appearances in China , Japan and Taiwan  was not enough they have also busied themselves by recording sound tracks for different Kdramas.

Aside from these accomplishments the girls have been using their popularity as a voice for good taking up causes that promote positive things like taking part in encouraging more people to drink just water as opposed to sugary drinks , an anti-cyber bullying song/campaign , collecting hair for cancer patients and now this latest MV for a safety app that asks people to report hazards that they see on the street so that the government could respond and fix the situation.

The MV features all active 7 members as they reports things like fallen barbed wires , Open manholes , giant potholes and crooked street signs.In the scene where YooA touches the barbed wire to show how sharp it was all I was thinking was: They better be giving her an anti-tetanus shot after this take. Well this was shot a couple of weeks earlier and since YooA was able to shoot that Nene Chicken commercial one can assume that she is safe from lock jaw for a long time.

Sing along as they sing App , app , app which sounds like F , F , F.I have never wanted to report a fallen barbed wire , Open manhole , giant potholes or crooked street signs before in my life but if we had that app here I doubt if the government would respond as fast. I don't know if the response time is fast in SK too but I imagine that it might be much faster. Anyway the girls have got me convinced. So if ever I move to Korea any time soon I would download the app and report something. 

Oh and if you want to see some of the weirdest forced smiles. They start at 2:18 of the MV. The first pair looks like they have been cut by fallen barbed wire way too much and have not had an anti tetanus shot. The pair of boys at 2:22 look way too happy.Probably because they have seen YooA and OMG. I'd smile like that too. 

Well keep up the excellent work girls and may next year bring you that ever elusive first win. Oh my girl rising in 2017!

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