Monday, December 19, 2016

"Laboum-Winter Story MV reaction: Winter Queens."

"Laboum-Winter Story MV reaction: Winter Queens."
The Vole

Laboum has always been the most visually appealing girl group for me.All 6 are appealing(Even Soyeon). Yes even though I am a Miracle through and through I must admit that not everyone is pretty in my favorite group. Laboum just has some of the best visuals period. I was wondering when they would come back and they became another reason to look happy this christmas when they came out with remake of an UN's The Story of a star from 9 years ago. Winter story starts off like it is going to be something the Lovelyz would sing but gave way to that Laboum beat and sound that I have missed.All charms from these girls.

I probably have a couple of reasons for watching this MV and they are the following:

1) Solbin - She looks like a princess through and through and it is no secret why she is the most popular in the group.

2) Hae-in singing Lalala...Shooting star , my shining star , my shining star....Lalala...yup.That sultry somewhat cute nasal voice of Hae-in is an acquired taste but it really does a number on me so that hook alone made me stay.

3) Yulhee rapping Oh my God , Oh my Love. I just missed her doing her cute raps. And this one just has me happily listening along.

4) Everyone just looks so damn good(including Soyeon). I mention Soyeon because she looked a lot different but her braided hair in the video made her look a lot softer.

5) Dolls. I first liked them in the What about you MV and this is probably the closest that they have been to looking like dolls again which is a look that suits them well. The white dresses just make them stand out more. 

So to close things off I must say that the investment in removing arm pit hair is paying off.Oh and this MV must have caused a lot because of all the pink leaves being scattered around and dropped in front of the cameras. Kidding aside Laboum is a welcome addition to the sounds of this holiday season and here is to more of these girls in 2017.

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