Monday, December 19, 2016

"Jang Soobin: Just feeling MV reaction - Exactly just that"

"Jang Soobin: Just feeling MV reaction - Exactly just that"
The Vole

So out of my curiosity I decided to let this MV run and I was treated to the soothing voice of female solo artist Jang Soobin accompanied by some very good trap beats that was good with her voice. 

Her voice seemed to pale in comparison to Hoody or Ahn Jiyoung of Bbolgan4 but it still held my attention for a good 4 minutes because while it was not ground breaking it was still pleasant to hear and we all need more pleasant things in this world.

I am not really sure if they had a small budget for the MV but it was effective in a way. It featured a slim girl with a dyed brown hair and all she literally during the whole video was to touch her hair in various ways.Sometimes combing but most of the time just running her hand through and over her hair as Jang Soobin sang in the background.I wanted to think what kind of person would touch their hair for 4 minutes straight and I can to the answer. Someone who really enjoys touching their hair.

I can imagine the director for this MV shouting. "Now touch your hair from under your neck...Good. Now over the top , Now from the left, ok on the right this time.Ok cut.Someone hand her a comb. Ok Comb away. Comb. Comb. Cut. Someone give her something to tie her hair with.Good Good. Now tie. Not to tight. Tie." 

It must have been so hard.

And with the neat bun the girl made so the song ends. I might try this one sometime. If I ever grow hair that long.

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