Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Magic life:The Endgame handshake"

"Magic life:The Endgame handshake"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

A handshake is something that humans do to greet each other , agree on something or even to conclude a social encounter.

Magic games are just that ,social encounters that happen to all forms of players , of every age , race , economic standing or gender identity.Some players care about the impression that they make as they reach out a hand and give a firm handshake or in the case of some other players who may have varied reasons from setting an intimidating "You are my opponent stance" or who are just too damn shy to socially reach out to another person even if that touch is acceptable do not extend the same hand.

It is quite ok either way since what we want is to play anyway and enjoy that interaction more. 

The endgame handshake is something that I noticed that varies quite a lot since this can be offered to bridge peace when one particular match becomes heated due to differences of opinions on interpreting rules and judges have been called in to intervene. 

Players probably don't expect a handshake when they crushingly defeat someone. My friend who loves to "Overkill" opponents is the least in my group to receive endgame handshakes but receives the most "overkill" insults from our past playgroup which he shrugs off and seems to enjoy.

Personally I enjoy a handshake that is offered when I lose(and that is a lot) or when I win(by some miracle). In Magic most of your opponents are passionate people who would probably look over your deck and suggest cards or plays that would benefit you. You maybe opponents during the tournament but afterwards you often make fun of each other after the matches. Most of the people who shook my hand are people that I still talk to today. Maybe because they gave a good impression , maybe because they signalled that they were good sports when they lost or gracious when they so clearly owned my deck. 

Endgame handshakes are as important as your first greeting. Too light and it would seem that you are angry and being passive aggressive about it, too tight and it seems you are really , really angry and are being really overt about it. So give that goldilocks firm handshake. Something that is just right.

If you are reading this chances are we shook hands before. Keep it up. 

So how do you greet your opponents before games? Do you give an endgame handshake? Do you wash your hands first? I'm not telling.

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