Monday, December 19, 2016

"Midweek Magic #7:Eldrazi Dishing Out Pain.Me:Taking it."

"Midweek Magic #7:Eldrazi Dishing Out Pain.Me:Taking it."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr. MD

It was a battle of pet decks between Janry Dimaano and me. I soon found out how much of an asshole Eldrazi processors can be when they play around your hopes and dreams.

For the rest of Midweek Magic I will always be talking about my two favorite decks at the moment , my Standard Metalwork Colossus and my Modern Mardu Super friends deck. Both have been underdoing some serious tweaking and I am thankful that I could do this on a weekly basis.Like all experiments the results differ with each variable and in magic there are so many variables.

I am also happy that I can play against decks that I had concepts on but never actually got around to build on. Janry's Eldrazi deck was one such deck , employing a Progenitus Relic to exile things from the graveyard and using counters like Remand and Delay to well take care of things before the Eldrazi land on the battlefield.

I had a Master of Feasts Delayed and Exiled on one turn and on the next one it was my Chandra , Torch of Defiance getting the exile treatment.  And despite having some Suspend Counters there I was hoping that these cards would somehow still manage to enter the battlefield and then Janry wont be able to deal with them but I was so wrong.

He then cast Blight Herder sending my exiled cards into my Graveyard and dashing my hopes of getting them back. And he got a 4/5 monster with 3 colorless 1/1 Eldrazi Scions. Oh and I also forgot to mention that he could hard cast a Kozilek , The Great Distortion? which basically meant that we would have a guessing/permission game that goes something like this.

I am casting Sarkhan , Dragon speaker do you have someting costing 5 mana in your hand? Or I am going to kill you with a Sign in Blood do you have a 2 mana cost spell there somewhere? And sadly the answer to both these questions was Yes. The Eldrazi can be such a pain.

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