Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"The Dragon approaches"

"The Dragon approaches"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

"Have you ever seen a patient dragon get mad?" she asked one of her captors , the shortest one with the short cropped hair who was menacingly holding a gun to her head. "Do you know how fast things could get really ugly?"

"Hopefully he could get to you faster than I can pull this trigger."

"Oh he can. Do you hear that?" YuuA leaned a little closer to the right.

From the distance a low rumbling. The one nearest to Yuua pointed at the nearest window and two armed lackeys looked out just in time to see the side of a mountain sliding to the valley floor below. Both of them swallowed involuntarily.

"Ah. Finally you can see him. Watch the trees." Yuua said still smiling. Amused at the panic that must have been setting in the hearts of his captors by now.

True enough the trees were falling left and right.The sounds of their fall echoing through the abandoned mining valley. Each Tree crashing on the forest floor caused the building that they were in to shake.3 , 6 , 12 , 15 they counted in their heads. The trees kept falling. The kidnappers looked at each other , all 12 of them could just imagine what would happen when what ever was doing that was able to reach their hide out.

"Should I ask him to come faster?" Yuua looked at the one holding the gun to her head. She could see the fear in those eyes but he was the leader and he felt like he needed to do something.

"Shout at him if you must. Tell him that if he does not stop his approach then you would be nothing but a lifeless corpse before he arrives." The leader said visibly shaking with the false bravado.

"Wrong answer. He heard you." Yuua looked straight at the window. Squinting just a little."Here he comes"

The force of the impact came before the slashing sound. 11 of the kidnappers who were vigilantly guarding Yuua looked at the room and saw that it was falling to the right. Their vision followed and slipped to the floor as 11 heads fell , cut cleanly from their bodies. 

The lone survivor of the 12 was heard screaming in horror and took aim at Yuua from a far corner of the room. He was alive mainly because he was as tall as the chair that Yuua was sitting on and the others stood a full foot taller than him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" A man said behind the lone survivor. The man turned and saw  V who was casually walking over to where he was.A Tree trunk still in one arm. 

"Oh . Let me get rid of this." V threw the tree toward the mountain behind him without any effort. A plume of dust rose up where it hit. And another part of the mountain slid down to the valley.

The survivor threw down his semi-automatic weapon to the ground in surrender. "I am glad you came to your senses" V smiled. "Now tell your boss that he should never meddle in the affairs of the Silver King. I might pay him a visit next. I might be hungry when I drop by. Now let my Yuua go and be on your way."

The man took the keys from his pockets and freed the cuffs from Yuuas hands. He then ran as fast as he could away from the place. Yuua walked calmly over to V.Like a tiger about to pounce. 

"What took you so long?"

"I got lost."

"I forgive you."


"Now let's eat something."

"I know just the place!It's nice to know that being kidnapped hasn't dampened your appetite."

"Only because I knew you were on your way to get me." YuuA said as she slid her arms around V's. 

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