Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"10 Signs that you might be a Stan..."

"10 Signs that you might be a Stan..."
The Vole

Stan. A name that was given new meaning after the hit song from Eminem came out. It talks about a fan who really loves  a particular artist to the point of obsession even to the point that they think that there is a special relationship that goes between them and the artist even if they have never met at any point in their lives.

In Kpop lingo this pretty much pertains to a fan who follows a particular artist or group regardless if it leads to obsession or not I can't tell but there are certain signs that you might be becoming a Stan of a particular Artist or group if you are exhibiting some of the following:

1) A True Stan - Knows individual voices even if they do not see who is performing on stage. 

2) A True Stan  - Would go through a 2 hour long fan cam video  of a fan meeting without even knowing a word of Korean and still enjoy it. 

3) A True Stan - Would get a joke from their favorite idol even if they can't speak an ounce of Korean. Body language seems to convey a lot.

4) A True Stan - Needs daily doses of Aegyo to survive.If you cannot stop clicking a video where your favorite artist or group is doing something cute. There is an existing word for this but being a True Stan you already know what that is.

5) A True Stan - would have a voracious appetite for their chosen artists content. Expect a not so secret video cache in their laptop , tablet or phone.

6) A True Stan - Probably has Soompi , Allkpop or OneHallyu already bookmarked and notifying them as soon as they open their devices.

7) A True Stan - Would declare their fandom even with the slightest provocation. I am a....(insert fandom name here)

8) A True Stan - Would have a predebut picture of their favorite artist or group lying around somewhere even if that is not the most flattering picture of that person or group.

9) A True Stan - Would dig deep behind a video and could probably tell you the behind the stories about a particular MV.

10) A True Stan - knows when his or her favorite artists would appear next like clockwork even if they can't go to that appearance themselves.

So have you found yourself in any of these 10 signs? Stanning is not really bad and it is a better addiction than most. Just be careful that it does not take over your life. It is one thing to stan but other things let to dangerous things.

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