Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Shokugeki No Soma:Let's eat and strip."

"Shokugeki No Soma:Let's eat and strip."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Shokugeki No Soma is about the main character Souma as he traverses the tough cooking world as a first year student at the elite Tootsuki Cooking Academy. This manga engaged me at the get go because of the challenge that was posted to Souma to improve himself and it was something that he believed could achieve that he brazenly said so during his school's opening ceremony.

This manga seems like the spiritual successor to cooking master boy , an anime that my wife were so into when we were dating. There are interesting characters that make life easy or harder for Souma , and some of the judges for the cooking unknowingly or uncontrollably when they sample the dishes which makes me want to pose the question. What the heck are they eating that seem to be going into orgasms and stripping?Oh and where can I get that for myself?

Like Cooking Master Boy there are visuals that are over the top when people eat and I am still surprised at the amount of food that gets fresh approaches and characters who battle with their own personalities.

Probably one the biggest features in this manga are the Shokugeki's. Challenges that could be issued to anyone. This raises the stakes as the story progresses as there are a lot of people in the academy that do not want Souma to succeed. He keeps on surprising them anyway. I am currently issue 92 and the manga has now run into 190. If like me your current manga has ended and are looking to get into a new one this might be a great one for you.

It has drama , action , comedy and a little bit of ecchi in it too. Don't be surprised. Let's eat and strip together should be a subtitle here somewhere.

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