Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Sunny Girls - Taxi - Performance Reaction: Hyperventilation mode on."

"Sunny Girls - Taxi - Performance Reaction: Hyperventilation mode on."
The Vole

So what happens when 4 of your biases from different groups are seemingly picked from your mind and then clumped together by Inkigayo for a special girl group project that would show a  cutie sexy concept? I expect that there would be parts fanboying in between hyperventilation.

YooA from Oh my girl , Eunha from Gfriend , Cheng Xiao from WSJN and Nancy from Momoland as well as Produce IOI alum Nayong who is part of Gugudan. This group represents the current crushes or biases of the current crop of girl groups. It reminds me of so much of Dazzling Red and how that group pulled so much attention. 

I have not followed Gugudan enough so I would not be talking much about Nayoung but this track focuses on her deep voice and the only semblance of a rap part in the song.

Momoland's Nancy might be the new comer of the group and the youngest at that but she is given such a prominent Center billing since Dublekick(Momoland's company) is the one producing the song. And I guess no one can complain since her half asian/half american looks stand out among the others.

Cheng Xiao is great as part of the dance line and did not disappoint. Even showing off a cartwheel to show her awesome flexibility that had fans in the studio shouting.

YooA and Eunha form the groups main vocals , their voices suited for the danceable RNB track that puts to good use their dancing skills and smooth and cute voices. 

I would like to thank Inkigayo for coming up with this concept and hope that there is more in the future. With the reactions of the fans in the studio one can only assume that there will be more in store for the Sunny girl's than this just one song.
Now where the hell is that brown bag. Time to stop hyperventilating.

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