Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Gabby Alipe- Visions MV reaction:The Beautiful Dirty City."

"Gabby Alipe- Visions MV reaction:The Beautiful Dirty City."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

Finally a video that I could react to that I actually feel a very strong connection to because I have walked the same places and seen the same things over and over again.

In the high definition black and white video , scenes of the daily life in Manila can be seen but this is far from the glamorous clubs or the clean city scape that one can expect from such videos. The theme is to see the city for what it really is for it's inhabitants.There is a lot of take in. A vision of sorts that appear before your eye and then wavers before it moves on the next. 

These are things that you see every day but do not notice brought in sharp focus that even the ugly and the dirty seems beautiful. 

Gabby Alipe walking in the streets and underpasses and bridges of Manila in all it's sharp contrasts of religion and politics and economics. For once it is not about people dancing but everyday people smiling for the camera and being brought to bear in all their normalcy.

Manila City Hall to The Quiapo Church , Gabby Alipe takes you on a tour to show the every day life of the city of Manila and its inhabitants. 

Enjoy the frenetic strumming in Visions and the iconic voice of Mr. Alipe coupled with the Japanese flutes in the chorus of the song that is part inspirational song / battle anthem for someone who is facing difficulties but still believing that with perseverance and a little belief things will still fall into place.All in good time as the song goes.

All in good time.

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