Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Haha Feat. Oh my girl - White MV reaction: A reggae christmas."

"Haha Feat. Oh my girl - White MV reaction: A reggae christmas."
The Vole

Nothing says that it is now the holiday than when your favorite kpop group comes up with a holiday/Christmas video. As I understand it Christmas isn't really a big thing in South Korea but it is nice that this group has set the tone once again.

Oh my girl has joined forces with Haha whom they have worked with in their most recent track A-ing. White as the song is titled is a remake of an old Fink.L song that has been given a reggae feel and sang with the charming and refreshing voices of Oh my girl to give off that Reggae Christmas feeling. While it might not seem to jive at first those two things actually come together to have a rather festive atmosphere in the MV. If you have never sang Yeah man! at the beginning of a Christmas song then this might be the start of something new for you.

The MV shows 4 of the 8 members in a single room where they are opening gifts and celebrating. Jine is still on hiatus. And I believe the these 4 were chosen because they are the actual Visual line. YooA , Jiho , Hyojung and Arin. Hyojung,  the candy leader , in particular is probably the one who gives off the sweetest look among the 4.The short-haired Binnie would have also made a great addition in the visual line but she might not have been available because of a kdrama she was shooting at the time.

So the MV opens to the 4 girls waking up on Christmas day , opening gifts and where YooA gets the short end of the stick when she chooses a gift that requires her to do some knitting.A lot of knitting in fact. The other 3 receive gifts that are already made , a scarf for Hyojung , A beret for the anime-eyed Jiho and Mittens for the Maknae ,Arin. YooA spends the early parts of this video pouting and seemingly complaining about her gift of knitting materials. She does so in a very adorable fashion that no Miracle would complain.

Despite having just 4 members in the MV , all 7 of the other active members are heard here.There is a wonderful rap part where Jiho lip syncs and it got a lot of fans excited that Jiho might be being developed into a secondary rapper until they realized that it was still Mimi who was doing the rapping. Oh well. 

The rest of the video has the girls eating Holiday treats and the scenes where they get cream on their noses from Cupcakes or drinks is one that you should pay attention to. One scene even has a surprised YooA who gave off her signature death stare after having whipped cream smeared on her nose by Arin!

Speaking of the maknae Arin , she has grown quite a lot and her charms are really showing strong here making fans want OMG to make a comeback at the soonest possible time.

I would say that the scene where the 4 gather in front of the Christmas tree would give you the real reason why they were the one's chosen to appear here. They literally dazzle the screen even without the effects. 

So thank you Skull and Haha for this catchy Reggae Christmas track. My holidays are made.

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