Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Midweek Magic #4 : Ram's Girls"

"Midweek Magic #4 : Ram's Girls"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

4 years ago my friend Ralph offered me a foil Sen's Triplets at an absolute bargain price I somehow was in the mood to make mono colored commander decks only. Maybe I was looking at the Esper colors and concluded that I don't have enough lands or mana rocks to support this commander.Maybe I was too tired and did not really read the very long text of the card. Whatever it was I now feel like it was a very wrong fated move.

Fast forward to 2016 and I now have a new playgroup in Eton Centris , I was reintroduced to this card which I now fondly call Ram's Girls and like the things that I did not pay much attention to they really kicked me in the butt.

Ram said that his only EDH deck had the Sen Triplets as his commander and I vaguely remember reading about them but that was it. I was able to dominate our 1v1 for awhile until these women showed up on the battlefield and just like that all of my well thought out plans with Vorel as my commander was foiled.

The Sen Triplets was like an offensive version of the Pre-cog triplets from Minority report. They control your mind. They control your turn and they can cast from your hand as if it was part of your opponents hand. Extended library mode. They can play your lands. Your creatures. Play your spells and then counter them with your own counters leaving you vulnerable on your next turns and your hand all the more lighter.

"It would have been fitting but not just meant to be."

I felt a little bit hopeful though because I still had a chance to turn the tables with a Corrupted Conscience in my hand but alas. It was lands that would be my undoing. 1 land was all that was missing and I would have controlled the Sen Triplets but then again as fate would put those ladies would never be mine. And for as long as we are playing EDH games in Eton they will always be Ram's girls.

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