Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"More Cinnamon"

"More Cinnamon"
Alessandria Venice R. De leon

Once upon a time,  there was a peasant child who was starving. There was a bakery nearby , but he hadn't any money. All he could do was sniff and stare at the delicious buns through the storefront. 

The baker's wife was having trouble deciding if she should add more cinnamon to the bread she was baking but she was quite full and couldn't bear even a sliver.There was no one around the house but her. She spotted the peasant child and wondered if she could trust him not to steal her bread. She came to a realization that trusting the child was the only way she would know if she should add more cinnamon. She called out to the child and told him what she wanted him to do. He agreed.

What the baker's wife didn't know , is that she was about to be tricked by the child! The baker's wife handed him a fresh bun with tiny red dots of cinnamon powder. He chewed with such vigor. "More Cinnamon" , He demanded.

And so came another bun. And another. And Another. And another. And many , many others.Each one was significantly sweeter than the last. When he was sure that he was full, he stopped demanding buns.

"You know,  the first one was perfect!" He said as he ran away. The baker's wife came to a shocking realization. She'd been tricked. She took a look at the oven and saw that all her buns had been eaten by the boy! Oh how stupid she felt!

From then on , she learned two valuable lessons.One , she should just leave the baking to her husband. And two, never trust a peasant child.


Editor's Note:
This is Aven's first published short story. This appears unedited. 

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