Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Armory Automaton:General Grievous mode"

"Armory Automaton:General Grievous mode"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

There are a subset of magic players that love playing with equipment card and I usually call them endearingly as Magbabakals since they have an inordinately huge amount of hardware to kill you with. I also happen to count myself in this group because I love collecting swords and spears and axes ever since I played the original Lord of the Rings card game.

The latest toy for players in this subset is the Armory Automaton. For 3 colorless mana you get a 2/2 construct that magnetizes all of your existing equipments in play as it enters the battlefield.Making it an animated version of the Iron Throne. Now just let your mind wrap around that image for a moment and then let us continue.

Not only does attach equipments as an ETB , tt also does the same when it begins attacking and it goes into General Grievous mode. 4 arms. 4 different weapons but in EDH you might be packing a lot more than 4 so I expect it to grow a lot of extra hands.

When playing with the Armory Automaton it is important to have a Lightning Greaves in play so that your opponents cannot spoil your fun with a well timed removal. I guess you dont have to worry much if you have the Kaldra Artifacts in play or  a SOBAM in play. Those and a Stealth Suit and your opponents won't have long before are all turned into Mincemeat. Now start coughing like you have asthma as you attack your opponent and you can even say General Kenobi , cough cough for effect. General Grievous mode on!

So what equipment do you want to play with Armory Automaton? Mine would have a Grafted Exoskeleton on it. I just love turning things Phyrexian. 

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