Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Where you look for No Idols."

"Where you look for No Idols."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

"You really think that letting your unnie get all the spotlight is ok?" V asked Jinyo as they walked the paved stone pathway of the park. Couples were everywhere and Jinyo wished that she could just take V's hand and walk peacefully. 

"Aren't you Jinyo from Oh my doll?" A young girl who stopped in front her asked."You are so pretty in person unnie. You inspire me every day because you work so hard." Jinyo hesitated and she knew that she was almost caught when V stepped in.

"My girlfriend gets that a lot , but she can neither sing nor dance." V said while taking her hand. "So if you don't mind we would like to resume our normal people date and not talk about idols that she does not look like."

The young girl looked dejected. 

"Thank you for thinking that I was her." Jinyo said as they were walking away. She still could not shake the disappointment of the girl who still stood there looking at them as they walked away. V sighed.He knew that Jinyo would feel guilty if he did not do anything so he went back to the girl , whispered something to her,  handed her something and Jinyo watched as the girl smiled from ear to ear. She waved at her unnie and was skipping away.

"Just what did you do?"

"I told her that I was holding on to some Oh my Doll tickets that I plan to see with you but I just gave it to her."

"You really shouldn't have done that."

"And have you sulk at me the whole time that we are out on these rare dates? I don't think so."

Jinyo smiled at the dragon who was getting more and more attuned to her feelings. She was a bit worried that she was not getting what he wanted though. She slipped her hands around one of his arms and tugged at him. "So where are we off to now?"

"Some place nice. Some place where people wont look for idols."


A few minutes later they were at the concert of Darlings , the current rivals of OMD.

"You are right they won't notice me here. All eyes will be on them." And Jinyo pointed to the 6 pretty girls who were now dancing on stage."You make me want to cry with that sense of humor of yours."

"Want to get something to drink?" Jinyo shrugged her shoulders , took V's preferred hand and without saying it knew that she would go with him wherever he takes her.

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