Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Midweek Magic #3: A taste of my own medicine"

"Midweek Magic #3: A taste of my own medicine"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

During one of our midweek magic sessions I waxed nostalgic and poetic about my former life as a Phyrexian Plaguelord. This was the title bestowed to the player who was able to achieve the most poison wins for the current season in the SM North Sky Garden community. I won over much better players because I was too stubborn and I think due to sheer attendance!

I told Ram and Pao that there is no greater feeling than to see an opponents butt rise a few feet from their seats when you first cast a Glistener elf on the table. Or the dreaded turn 1 Inkmoth nexus casting Signal pest and on turn two attacking with animated Inkmoth Nexus and Signal pest for 2 Poison counters and then paying 8 life to cast 4 copies of Mutagenic growth for the win.

So the next week Ram , Pao , Vince and I decided that we would play with modern decks , I managed to search the mess that is my card laboratory and found the Mardu deck deck that I used in the last GP minus 5 lands and since I was not able to find where those went I foolishly played with 21 lands and would end up suffering later that night.

And what should Pao be playing this night? Why Mono Black Infect Machine gun. The kind that I also used to play and who should suffer an Equiped Vatmother to the face? Why me of course and oh boy did my own medicine tasted bitter. Bula bibig ko eh. But I was happy that I got to play with Infect again.

Ram ran with a Mishra Artificier prodigy deck and that too proved too abusive as it would power out mana rock at first and then the big guns like Scuttling doom engine and Phyrexian Juggernauts which also had infect. 

And then there was the infamous Land Cut. Where I played 7 turns with just lands. Guess who died from that turn of events. Thanks for the deck cut Ram. It was so frustrating but fun to see what the other decks were churning up. I laughed as the Vatmother poisoned me to death. So this is how that feels. Hahahahah

Looking forward to some payback now that the Mardu deck is fixed. Time for some more midweek magic.  

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