Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Midweek Magic # 2: When Mill Met Delirium"

"Midweek Magic # 2: When Mill Met Delirium"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

The storm was passing and things were getting back to normal back at work. Ram and Pao paid me a visit in the clinic and we got to play a little Pantry magic where I wanted to test my chopsuey Monowhite vehicles deck against the Modern Blue Black Mill deck that Ram brought with him.

Pao who was fairly new to magic brought in an almost patch work Golgari Black/Green deck that featured Delirium. Decks with a lot of creatures do tend to dominate in matches like this but Ram was able to pull off the win in the end with well timed Crypt Recursions in the face of overwhelming creature superiority.

"I did tell you that I would haunt your dreams right?"

One of the memorable plays involved an Archive trap aimed at Pao who seemed happy milling his library and Ram realizing that Delirium was now online on just turn two! From then on Pao would be able to get creatures from his graveyard like Nemesis of Reason and would be able to cast a Soul Swallower. A freaking Soul Swallower with Delirium online and the only true removal in my deck was Revoke Privileges! When that monster came out I did not have one at hand. It would eventually have 9 counters on it making it a 15/15 trampler that would kill me and Ram. Oh and that Nemesis of Reason that Pao got ,  it paired up with Soul Swallower and had its monstrosity activated to be a 12/12. Despite having a lot of Servos and even a Chief of the Foundry in play I eventually died thanks to Delirium. And oh thanks to Ram as well. Note to Ram Milling decks and Delirium decks don't mix well. Hahahahaha

It turned out that mixing up the decks created a wonderful experience where we all had fun.And all of the wins were decided by smart moves until the very end. It will be interesting to play with you guys again soon. Finally getting some Magic plays going on.

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