Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Midweek Magic #1: Phenax for the win.Finally"

"Midweek Magic #1: Phenax for the win.Finally"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

I was happy with my current schedule but there in lies a little monotony when all you ever get to talk to patients are coughs and colds that come and go.

So when Ram asked me if I wanted to play EDH the answer was  just yes. I have been in HP Eton for almost a year now but last night was the first time that I ever got to play EDH here and it was a a fun 1 hour with Phenax and Momir Vig as my Commanders. Vorel was waiting in the wings but time simply did not allow him to take the field but there would be other times now that we have established the times and days that we could play.

Some of the most memorable plays involved having Consuming Aberration , Arcanis and an already Manifested Phenax on the battlefield with a Keening Stone.

"I'm not really to keen on that."

It was milling overkill as I have never experienced before in my life. Though I have made this Blue Black deck into a dedicated miller deck I often find myself winning with Aggro means since Consuming Aberration always becomes huge and I tend to copy my opponents bigger creatures for their effects and power. Last night was different as it was a pure mill win!

With 25 cards already in the graveyard , I tapped Phenax for 7 mills , Arcanis for 4 , making it 36 cards in Ram's Graveyard and then tapping Consuming Aberration for 36 more cards to fall. Then the Keening Stone activation for the Coup de grace.  

Such a wonderful feeling to see something work finally. I guess I live for those moments when the decks actually work regardless of my somewhat kooky builds.

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