Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Kynaois and Tiro of Meletis: Let the group hug begin."

"Group hug tayo, kaibigan"
"Kynaois and Tiro of Meletis: Let the group hug begin."
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

The group hug.It used to mean just that  , a group of people hugging each other but in Commander parlance Group hug takes on a much different meaning.

This is an effect that benefits everyone or just people you like you who are playing against you at the moment. EDH group hugs could range from a draw for everyone from Jace Beleren's first ability to a dragon token from Death by Dragons with the exclusion of the opponent you are trying to kill.

And the latest grouphug effect comes from a legendary creature/s from the Commander 2016 set who some players are dubbing the Bromance commanders. None other than Kynaois and Tiro of Meletis.  

The first thing that I would like for you to notice are those statues in the upper left corner of the card.Reminiscent of the Titan of Braavos or the Kage statues of Madara and Hashirama in Naruto those are actually the statues that stand at the opening of Meletis in this card.

There have been some discussions that these statues are those of Kynaois and Tiro of Meletis.From their card one can say that it might be them depending on how long they ruled Meletis because normally monuments like that are erected when the rulers die or in some cases some rulers don't get to see their own monuments completion. I really wonder if Kynaois and Tiro of Meletis are the peaceful lovers that are mentioned in Guardian of Meletis. Just look at that buff duo and you could probably gather that they usually give peace to their enemies by giving them a thrust of a sword in the chest. However it seems that with their 2/8 stats they are no longer into the killing business and just defending what they have built and admiring it in that good vantage.

Bant Red or Jeskia Green we still don't have a name for the 4 colored commanders but one thing is for sure Kynaois and Tiro of Meletis will make great political strides for EDH players who have them on the battlefield. They are tough to kill and it is hard to not like a creature that allows you to put a land card from your hand or draw a card if you don't have one in your hand. Expect these guys to hang around as they continue to give you card advantage until you get your strategies in place. And then the group hug can end but until then. "Look what we fought for.Look what we built together.

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