Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Bobbolgan4 / Red Cheek Puberty - Galaxy MV Reaction: Ear Candy."

"Bobbolgan4 / Red Cheek Puberty - Galaxy MV Reaction: Ear Candy."
The Vole

A couple of seconds of Ahn Jiyoung's voice and you would probably find out if this particular duo is for you or not. For me her voice comes in as a soothing relief and it is the kind of voice that you want to hear whispering in your ear at the end of a very busy day. I have never called anyone's voice charming but this is that embodiment for me. Her voice doesn't really go all that high and neither does she strain in trying to hit any other high notes but it has the indescribable quality that hooks you and hits what I would call music's equivalent bliss point. The point where it is sweet enough that you want to keep on listening to it but not sweet enough that you easily get tired of it.

This duo has been around since 2014 but they only chose to debut this year with their Red Planet album and you got to hand it to them because it feels like their performance is more complete than what they sounded 2 years back.

I am sorry if I do not talk much about the talented rapper/guitarist half of the duo as much. Ahn Jiyoung has taken over me so much.

The video follows her as she appears to follow her crush , starting from meeting him in a cafe to a scene where she is at a basketball court and even in school. So nothing really mind blowing there except I would probably be happy if she was stalking me like this. 

Other notables in this video is that she bares a big resemblance to local celebrity Jinri Park. And my other question is that why does the crush have to be reading something. Is that to show that they are intelligent? While it doesn't hurt to be intelligent I guess it is a bit better to look handsome. I read a lot more books than this guy I bet but heck it seems cute and handsome trumps nerd with books anytime. 

Well , time to support Bobbolgan4 / Red Cheek Puberty. I hope they continue on this pleasant path that they have all been leading us.Get on the trail too.

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