Wednesday, November 30, 2016

"Midweek Magic #5: Leaving an opening"

"Midweek Magic #5: Leaving an opening"
Virgilio F. De leon Jr.

One of the things that I enjoy doing is being able to cast massive creatures for free on the battlefield. And with my version of the famous Metalwork Colossus deck.(own version kasi chopsuey yung lupa tapos di pa decided kung anong kulay talaga). I was able to illicit a few groans of disbelief and frustration from my own playgroup. I find these groaning's to be suspect because I rarely win.

Like this particular night when I was able to trigger the Sanctum of Ugin I had in play , enabling me to find another Metalwork Colossus. I was able to cast this for free because of the abundant non-creature artifacts that I had in play and I was also able to Emerge a Mockery of Nature thanks to the MC I already had in play. I was able to sacrifice 2 non-essential artifacts and able to replay the same 10/10 dude forming what seemed to be an impregnable wall of creatures even if on the other side of the battlefield Pao already had an already merged Chittering Host with Menace.

I was down to 5 life so I best watch my next moves ,I reasoned.Leave no openings I reminded myself. I checked the plays I made and I was satisfied that I would live a couple more turns for the win.I tapped the table to indicate that I was done. Of course there was something I totally missed.

Yup. A freaking Rogue's passage. And so for 5 damage I died to a rat. A giant freaking rat bite. Thank you Rogue's passage.Thanks for nothing.

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