Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"WSJN - Secret - MV reaction: The Fallen Astronaut"

"WSJN - Secret - MV reaction: The Fallen Astronaut"
The Vole

I hated to admit it but WSJN is growing on me with their new single Secret. While it is no secret that when Kpop groups comeback they always comeback stronger and better WSJN seemed to have leveled up in everything in such a short amount of time. While their management has been criticized by adding I0I standout Yoo Yeunjong into the mix instead of giving her her own group to rule over this particular choice seems to have paid off as this new single Secret seems like a far cry from their yawn fest debut song. And it is not just because of Yoo Yeunjong but the whole 13 member group has stepped up in everything from their singing to their choreography.

And I think because of all the CG involved this MV of theirs must have cost a ton. It follows on the space themes that WSJN was introduced with in their debut. The scif-fi and even supernatural inspired visuals of the MV are beautiful. Add to that the fact that you are actually watching 13 beautiful girls doing sexy to cute dance steps on some lonely sandy planet and you have a winner for the visual department in your hands. Of course each of the girls will have their separate scenes and they were divided into two's and three's except for new comer and obvious new center Yeunjong who has all of that falling from astronaut scene all to herself , especially when she sings those ear pleasing high notes. , oh and another girl who seems to be doing some Princess Mononoke feeling stuff with a white wolf. 

The rest of WSJN have scenes involving Gorgeously Rendered Rune Circles that seem to all connect them together. There is Cheng on some rocky planet sprouting fiery angelic wings , another scene where 3 girls circle a cube as if in some ritual. There was even a hint of Dragonball Z as the group's rapper Exy and another girl were in a scene with the power detecting goggles that the Saiyan's had made famous. 

About the song Secret , it is about a girl who basically wants to know if a boy likes her first before admitting her own feelings. She acts tough but is in turmoil every night as the boy is not really forth coming with his feelings. The song is catchy enough with its nice bass lines and effects mixing well with the singers feelings of anxiety and overall cuteness. Give it a listen to check out for yourself how WSJN has improved so much.

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